Changes In The Works For Athens Public Transportation

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A new logo, routes, and bus are among changes proposed to the Athens Transit system.

Athens Transit Transportation Services Manager Michael Lachman presented the plans during Monday night's committee session of the City Council.

Lachman said they are looking for a new logo design as a way to modernize the service.

"We'd like to give off an image that's modern, that inspires confidence. The status of public transportation in the United States is that it's very slow. It's not something that the mainstream finds useful and I don't think that's the case in other places in the US and other countries around the world," said Lachman. "It's really seen in other places as something the entire spectrum of society can come together to use and so if possible in our logo design and in our marketing we'd like to communicate some of the excitement surrounding this idea."

Lachman also emphasized the need to change the routing system to get riders to their destinations quicker.

According to Lachman it is quicker to walk rather than take the bus on the current route.

Lachman said the new route will be a more direct path to destinations, it features moving the main bus stop near Baker University Center.

Finally, Lachman mentioned that they had placed an order for a new vehicle.

Lachman said he believes the bus will work more efficiently. The handicap entrance has been moved to the front of the bus, which will make for a smoother ride for those individuals.

Athens Transit has seen a 15 percent growth in ridership this past year and has received a 50 percent increase in state and federal funding.

More details will be presented in the coming months with a possible hearing in March or April.