Jury Trial For William Inman Underway

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Opening statements for the trial of a Hocking County man charged with aggravated murder in the death of his daughter-in-law are underway in Ross County.

The statements took place Monday morning in the trial of William Inman.

The prosecutor told jurors it's reasonable to infer 48-year-old William Inman murdered his 25-year-old daughter-in-law, Summer.
The prosecutor says Inman ruled the family and wanted to help his son, who was in a child custody dispute with the woman.
Inman's attorney says it was his son, William Inman II, who killed her. The defense says the elder Inman and his wife helped kidnap their daughter-in-law in Logan to talk about concerns about the grandchildren and then tried to cover up their son's crime.

The trial was moved to Chillicothe after attempts to seat an impartial jury in Hocking County were unsuccessful.

Inman, his wife, Sandra Inman, and his son, William Inman II were all charged in the March 2011 murder of 25-year-old Summer Inman.

Summer Inman was the estranged wife of William Inman II.

Her body was found strangled with a zip tie and dumped in a septic tank near a church in Athens County.

Sandra Inman and William Inman the second were convicted in Summer Inman's death.

Authorities say Summer Inman was killed because she had filed for divorce and was seeking custody of the three children she had with William Inman II. 

William Inman could face the death penalty if convicted.