Athens County Commissioners Applying For Land Grant

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As part of a plan to maintain the beauty of Athens, the County Commissioners are seeking a grant to purchase 22-acres of land near East State Street.

Commissioner Charlie Adkins said that he and the other Commissioners are currently drawing up papers to apply for the grant.

Adkins said that while the land purchase is intended to maintain Athens aesthetically, it will also cut down on pollution.

"So we just want to protect it from getting logged or you know making it an area that is not as beautiful as it is today" said Adkins.

One minor drawback is that by purchasing this property, the city will forfeit some tax revenue.

"If you look at the taxes on that property, the total taxes is about 600 dollars a year" said Adkins.

Adkins said that as a County Commissioner he has a responsibility to the taxpayers to do his best to represent them and ensure the beautification of Athens County.