OU Professor Comments On New Education Plan

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An Ohio University economics professor says Governor John Kasich’s plan to reform school funding in the state fails to address student outcomes.

"It doesn't deal with outcomes of students and maybe we ought to tie funding more into outcomes," economics professor Richard Vedder said "We should reward teachers more on the basis of their performance rather than on other criteria."

Vedder said the state has been looking at changes to school funding since a 1997 Ohio Supreme Court ruling the system unconstitutional.

"There's no compelling judicial mandate to do what we're doing here,” Vedder said. “But it will resonate well with many people in the school community, I think.”

Vedder said that there is one downside to the plan may be the large expenditure of money.

"The governor says nothing about the financing of this and obviously if the program were financed through massive tax increases or something I think there would be a downside associated with that in the eyes of many people," said Vedder.