Buckeyes Pull Out Gutsy Win On Senior Night

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Friday night at Nelsonville-York, the band and student section roared as the senior boys for the Buckeyes came out.  The Buckeyes were looking out for not only a senior night win, but also a revenge win after being topped during their last meeting. 

After an impressive first quarter, N-Y lost momentum in the third quarter. The N-Y squad pulled away with the win 47-39 due to fourth quarter defense and senior leadership.

The Buckeyes came out of the gates hot as senior Marc Carter, 10 points on the night, drained a three in the first minute. Senior Jacob Blake was also an immediate threat offensively for the Buckeyes.

Meigs had some open shots during the first after finding holes in the full court press, but failed to complete them, ending the first quarter with just six points.

Another key player for N-Y stepped up in the second quarter, Emmitt Reed.  Reed had 13 points Friday night.  He had a buzzer beater three-point shot.  This put the Buckeyes in a favorable lead, 28-15.

During the third quarter, the tides changed. Meigs stepped up their offense and capitalized off of some poor turnovers.  The Marauders turned things up by having a 19-2 run.  Meigs took the lead with 36-35 with four minutes remaining in the game.

This is when the true leadership of the seniors for N-Y stepped up. Cody Walker hit a three point shot, and got the Bucks out of their slump. The last four minutes of the game saw excellent defensive and ball movement by Nelsonville-York’s team.  Meigs tried to get some last minute shots off, but the win went to the Buckeyes.

After tonight’s loss, the Marauder’s continue on their four-game losing streak. The Buckeyes, however, are now 15-6 and 5-4 in their conference.