Athens And OU Officials Prepare For Unsanctioned Street Fests

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Ohio University and Athens officials are stepping up safety and security measures as the first of several unsanctioned street festivals in Athens is expected to take place this weekend.

Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle, OU Police Chief Andrew Powers and Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl met with reporters Wednesday afternoon to discuss their enforcement procedures for this fest season.

The officials say the city's nuisance party enforcement law will be their biggest method for enforcing safety this season. The law gives officers the right to shut down a house party if they spot objects being thrown onto the streets.

"One of the big [violations] would be people throwing bottles or cans from their front porches or off the roofs into the street. Any one of those violations, whether it results in an arrest, or simply an observation from an officer, could potentially get a house party shut down," said Pyle.

The city will also place parking bans on Mill, Kurtz and Oak streets this Saturday in preparation for "Mill Fest."