Lil’ Bit O Irish…Lotta Green!

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Whether being Irish is part of your heritage or not, the St. Patrick’s Day holiday instills a spirit in many of us! I am proud to say that part of my heritage is Irish and stems from my maternal grandmother’s side. The Love family migrated from Dublin, Ireland, to Pennsylvania in the late 1800s.

Most of our family reunions have been held in the Amity or Lone Pine, Penn. areas and there is no shortage of memorably rich food. My cousin Tommy created a family crest for our reunion tshirts and not a single one of us could deny the symbolism…it was of a knife and fork!

No matter how you get your green on perhaps your pot of gold will be at the end of this rainbow of recipes. May the luck of the Irish be with you.


·      Fresh avocado

·      Frozen berries (of your choice; not fresh because they serve as your ice)

·      Half of a banana

·      Water

*Blend well.

Courtesy of PBS’s America’s Heartland on WOUB Public Media


Detox Orange Ginger Smoothie

Serving size: 1 (200 calories) 


·      1 banana, peeled and frozen

·      1/4 inch ginger, peeled and minced

·      1/2 cup mango slices, frozen

·      1/4 cup orange juice 1/4 cup water 4–5

Author: Noelle @ Green Lemonade 

In your smoothie, give it an added nutritional boost with any of the ingredients below. Chia seeds and avocado provide fatty acids. Ginger can relieve nausea and inflammation. Cacao is full of antioxidants called flavonoids that improve heart health. Protein utter are healthy sources of protein. Try a natural sweetener like raw honey to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pick one or a few supercharge ingredients to create your perfect smoothie!




Courtesy of and credit given to Wellworks at Ohio University.

Corned Beef, Potato and Cabbage Salad

½ c. olive oil

¼ c. cider vinegar

1/3 c. Grey Poupon Harvest Coarse Ground Mustard

1 bag (16 oz.) coleslaw blend (cabbage slaw mix)

2 lbs. new potatoes, cooked and quartered

½ lb. corned beef, chopped


*   *Mix oil, vinegar & mustard in large bowl. Stir in coleslaw blend.

*   *Add remaining ingredients; toss to coat. Cover.

*   *Refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.


*Add 2 T. KRAFT Thousand Island Dressing to mustard mixture before tossing with remaining ingredients.

Courtesy of KRAFT Foods