Final Test Results Back On White Powder Found In Envelope

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Ohio University says test results show the unknown white powder that forced the closure of its Legal Affairs office and the People’s bank next door is dried up toothpaste.

In a news release OU says the envelope was sent from a prison in West Virginia.

It contained an application and background materials related to a person seeking admissions to the university.  OU says materials are submitted to Legal Affairs as part of a process for applicants with a criminal history.

According to OU, investigators interviewed the person who sent the envelope and discovered he used toothpaste to seal the letter.

According to the new release investigators learned it is apparently common practice for prison inmates to seal envelopes with toothpaste.

On April 25, a female employee noticed the white powder after opening the envelope sent to the Legal Affairs office.

Concern about the powder forced the closure and evacuation of the West Union Street Office Center. The FBI and a National Guard weapons of mass destruction team from Rickenbacker Air Force base were called in to help with the investigation.