Police Look For Suspect In Parkersburg Stabbing

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UPDATE 10 a.m. Parkersburg Police now have a suspect in a double stabbing that happened early Thursday morning.

A man and woman are in the hospital in serious condition.

Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins says around 3:45 Thursday morning they responded to the double stabbing at 17th and Spring Street.

Investigators say they are now looking for Ira Blair Hyde after interviewing witnesses.

Police say 54-year-old Hyde was allegedly yelling at his neighbors from a window in his home. One neighbor, David Whitlock, came out to the street telling Hyde to stop yelling.

Witnesses tell police Hyde then came out of his house and starting swinging his arms at Whitlock with a knife in his hand. Whitlock was unarmed.

Investigators say Hyde then stabbed Whitlock one time in the chest. A woman living at the same house as Whitlock, Mary Alvarado, then came out to stop the fight. Police say Hyde then used the same knife to stab her multiple times. Hyde then ran.

Police are now looking for Hyde.

Whitlock's condition is stable and improving, while Alvarado is still believed to be in serious condition undergoing surgery for the injuries.

Police say a man and woman are in the hospital in serious condition after being stabbed early this morning.

Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins says at 3:00 this morning police responded to a report of a fight at 17th and Spring Streets.

He says it was resolved with no further issues.

But then at 3:45, police responded to a stabbing in the same area.

Sgt. Collins says the man and woman do live in the Spring Street area, but their names aren't being released at this point.

No arrests have been made, but police do have a person of interest.

Police say the cause of this incident is not clear at this point.

The incident is under investigation.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available