UnitedHealthcare Offers Grants For Children’s Medical Expenses

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The UnitedhHealthcare Children’s Foundation is offering grants for families who need assistance paying for their children’s medical expenses.

The Logan Daily News reports The Children’s Medical Grant is offering families in Ohio up to $5,000 to pay for medical services and expenses that are not covered by their commercial insurance, said Dr. Richard Gajdownski, medical director for UnitedHealthcare in central Ohio.

Gajdownski said the grant covers expenses such as physical, occupational and speech therapy, counseling services, orthotics, glasses, splints and hearing aides. He said the program handles all conditions.

UnitedHealthcare awarded 1,300 grants, worth more than $4.1 million nationally in 2012 and 144 grants totaling $510,814 in Ohio.

Gajdownski said for people to be eligible for the grant, they must have a child 16 years old or younger, meet economic guidelines and have a commercial insurance plan. Parents or legal guardians can visit the program’s website at to see if they qualify.

“People can apply for old expenses if they are not more than 60 days old,” Gajdownski said.

There is no application deadline for the 2013 grants.

“We are proud we were able to assist families in 2012 and are looking to do more,” Gajdownski said.