Let Us Go Greek

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Do you ever get a particular flavor or scent or taste in your mind and there isn’t anything to distract you from obtaining that except the real thing? And, should you experiment with this or that it leaves you wanting the ‘real thing’ even more.

Hear me now…I love mayonnaise! I do! When I want the taste of mayonnaise I am not interested in a substitute! How many articles have I read and how many countless cooking programs have I watched that tell me if I just smoosh up an avocado and spread it on bread for my sandwich that “you won’t know the difference!” I do notice the difference. Or, instead of mashed potatoes, mash steamed cauliflower because “you won’t know it’s not a spud!” Oh, but, I do! I am also not the type of person that consumes a particular food or beverage in an every-single-day habit and should I prohibit myself from that food or beverage I would drop an amazing 25 pounds, nope, not me; so, when I want the taste of mayonnaise or mashed potatoes, I go for the original.
Just this morning, I came across a recipe for Herbed Greek Yogurt Spread and since I am quite smitten with Greek Yogurt (for breakfast-plain Greek Yogurt, with coconut sap and walnuts) I thought it would be an addition to my collection of let’s try this. This isn’t a replacement for any other favorite, but, I believe this spread will leave an impression of its own.
Herbed Greek Yogurt Spread
¬ 1 cup of organic Greek Yogurt
¬ 1 Tablespoon of fresh dill
¬ ¼ cup of cucumber, grated
¬ 1 small garlic clove, finely chopped
Mix all together.
Courtesy of BioTrust Nutrition.