Officials Find Solution To Radio Interference Problem

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A solution has apparently been found to a problem with radio traffic from Kentucky interfering with a law enforcement frequency being used by villages in Athens County.

Last week, the Athens County Commissioners approved contributing $800 toward that solution.

As The Messenger reported earlier this year, radios used by village police offices in Athens County have been picking up emergency medical service radio traffic from Greenup County, Ky.

Greenup County 911 Director Buford Hurley previously told The Messenger that in November his county made a privacy line code change in its radio system. Different privacy line codes allow two agencies to use the same frequency without interference, but Greenup County EMS and village law enforcement in Athens County now have the same privacy line code.

Athens County 911 Director Dan Pfeiffer said Greenup County has agreed to change its privacy line code, if those experiencing problems with the interference share in the cost. In addition to the $800 being contributed by Athens County, a contribution is also being made by Greene County, Ohio, according to Pffeifer, who said 911 and EMS in Greenup also are paying part of the cost.

Pfeiffer said on Friday, Greenup County changed the personal line code on its base station as a test, and there was no interference. The actual changeover will take place within a couple weeks, he said.

Albany Police Chief Robert Deardorff said resolving the problem would be good news.

"It was a very big headache," Deardorff said.

In the case of Albany, he said village law enforcement has been using a fire radio tower to avoid the interference. Also, he said the village has received a grant to switch to the MARCs radio system used by the sheriff's office and State Highway Patrol.