Suspect Identified In Albany Robbery

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The Athens County Sheriff’s Office is “pretty certain” they have identified the getaway vehicle used in the armed robbery of an Albany store this week.

“The person that followed (the vehicle) identified it,” Sheriff Patrick Kelly said. “Now it’s about building the case.”

Investigators have a person of interest in the case and say there is a second person involved, who drove the getaway vehicle, when the robbery occurred at the Little General Store at about 10:32 p.m. on Monday. The suspect also allegedly shot at a witness.

Kelly said the person they are pursuing as the suspect is someone detectives are “well-acquainted with,” and that he is confident the case will be solved efficiently. Detective Jack Taylor is the lead investigator.

Kelly referenced a Coolville case in which an elderly woman was assaulted and robbed and in which Taylor was the lead investigator as well.

“When everybody had given up on the case in Coolville with the elderly lady, Jack Taylor stayed with the case for a year,” Kelly said. “The thing that these thieves have to worry about is Jack Taylor being on the case.”

Investigators would not confirm the amount stolen, but Kelly said it was a “minimal” amount because the convenience store, like most of its kind, only keeps a certain amount of money in the register before they lock away the money in a safe. Most employees don’t have a key to the safe, Kelly said.

The footage on the surveillance camera was blurry at best, and Kelly said it would be beneficial for stores to invest in surveillance cameras.

“People would be best to spend $1,000 on a camera,” Kelly said.