Regional Foodbank Raising Awareness About Hunger

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The Southeast Ohio Foodbank and Kitchen is joining in a nationwide effort to raise awareness about food security issues during Hunger Awareness Month.

The theme this year is “Together We Can Solve Hunger”. They will kick off this Thursday with a wear orange for hunger event.

“Our main goal is to raise awareness so that people understand what the need is, in this region in particular," Tracy Galway, director of the Foodbank and Kitchen said.

According to Galway one in six people in southeast Ohio is struggling with hunger.

“One in three kids in our region, in the ten county regions of southeast Ohio are at risk of being hungry any time,” Galway said.

Tracy says people can help fight against hunger in a number of ways, from volunteering their time to donating money.

“Volunteering at local pantries and working at soup kitchens is just one of the few ways to aid in hunger awareness,” she said. “You can also get online to our Facebook, we’ve got a link if they want to make a cash contribution. We can take a PayPal payment, that’s the easiest way. For every dollar that people donate we can get up to three meals provided out into the communities we serve.”

The Foodbank and Kitchen will also be holding an open house to give people a look at the behind the scenes operations of the warehouse and kitchen. The open house will be on Sept. 24 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.