Vanadalism in New Marshfield Ends in Car Chase

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A New Marshfield man pursued four alleged vandals after they took numerous mailboxes from his neighborhood Friday.

The four suspects, Brandon Deputy, Colton Adams, Steven Caldwell and Skyler Flynn, all between the ages of 18 and 21, admitted to taking 16 mailboxes from various New Marshfield residences, most of them from Roundhouse Road.

A few residents called police to report their mailboxes missing, but one man gave police the license plate number and make of the vehicle the suspects were driving before getting into his own car and chasing the suspects down Roundhouse Road until he lost them.

While the caller's information eventually lead police to the suspects and lost mailboxes, Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly warns against following vandals.

"I would like to see a person get that information, but there's a danger in following these people too," he said.

Athens County police ran the license plate number thourgh a search and found that the car belonged to Deputy.

Police made eventually located all four supsects, who admitted to stealing and damaging the mailboxes.

The suspects led police to a field on New Marshfield Road where they had discarded 17 mailboxes.

The case is still under investigation by the sheriff's office, and the mailboxes are being kept as evidence.

Kelly said his department sees this type of vandalism often.

He encourages all victims to report stolen mailboxes, but never to chase suspects.

"We don't want anybody to place their lives in jeopardy over a mailbox," Kelly said.