Speed Limit Changes In Ohio

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The Ohio Department of Transportation says new speed limit signs across the state should be posted by next Friday.

Speed limits will be raised to 60 miles per hour on rural divided highways, 65 miles per hour on rural expressways without traffic control signals and 70 miles per hour on rural freeways.

"Raising speed limits is not something the state takes lightly," ODOT Director Jerry Wray expresses. "We put much time and consideration into identifying roadways where speed limits could increase while maintaining a safe commute for Ohio motorists."

The increase in speed limits will affect 607 miles of roadway.

Lawmakers passed legislation raising the speed limit earlier this year.  The new speed limits officially go into effect Sunday.

Five-hundred eighty signs will be produced and 520 will simply be overlays that will cover exsisting signs. The total cost to produce the signs comes to $114,845, which includes materials and labor for producing new signs.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 34 other states have begun to post speed limits of 70 miles per hour or higher, including Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and West Virginia.

For a map of roadways with the new speed limits click here