A Guide To The MVL Title Race And Playoff Standings

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We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty in terms of conference title races and playoff contention.

Through seven weeks, the Muskingum Valley League has proven to be one of the more dramatic conference races in the Gridiron Glory coverage area. And as the season winds down, that should not change.

At this point, four squads have separated themselves from the rest of the conference: Tri-Valley, Maysville, Sheridan and Phlo. 

Let’s take a look at what the current MVL title race looks like.

Teams in contention for an MVL Title

Tri-Valley Scotties

Overall record: 5-2

MVL record: 5-0

Current MVL rank: 1st

Current playoff status: OUT, 11th in Division III, Region 9

Maysville Panthers

Overall record: 6-1

MVL record: 5-1

Current MVL rank: 2nd

Current playoff status: 4th in Division IV, Region 13

Philo Electrics

Overall record: 6-1

MVL record: 4-1

Current MVL rank: Tied 3rd

Current playoff status: 1st in Division IV, Region 13

Sheridan Generals

Overall record: 5-2

MVL record: 4-1

Current MVL rank: Tied 3rd

Current playoff status: OUT, 10th in Division III, Region 9

The Tri-Valley Scotties currently hold the best record in the MVL, but they have yet to play the other top-tier teams in the league. They must run a three-week gauntlet in the closing weeks of the 2013 campaign.

Philo, Maysville and Sheridan all enter week eight with one loss in the league, having all played each other. Their only remaining similarity lies in their common opponent, Tri-Valley, of which none of them have played.

The MVL title will be decided by Tri-Valley’s ability or inability to play at a high level in what will be three straight hard-nosed and hard-hitting football games. Get excited, fans, because this is ain’t your grandpa’s MVL.

Week 8 MVL matchups with playoff implications

Sheridan (5-2) vs. Tri-Valley (5-2)

If Sheridan Wins: They will move up in the regional rankings, but could still end up getting leap-frogged by Tri-Valley in the next two weeks, as the Scotties will be playing much higher-profile opponents than the Generals.

If Sheridan Loses: Hopes for the postseason could very well be dashed. In their region, a 7-3 record (assuming they go on to beat Crooksville and New Lex) with only one headliner victory (Maysville) would likely not be strong enough to keep them in the top 8 spots.

If Tri-Valley Wins: The Scotties will have their toughest MVL win, so far, under their belt, which will surely be needed for their final two games of the season. A win against Sheridan would likely move them up into the 8-9 seed range.

If Tri-Valley Loses: It certainly doesn’t help their playoff chances, but it would not completely destroy them, either. The Scotties’ last two opponents are each vying for not only a playoff spot, but home-field advantage for the first round, as well.

John Glenn (4-3) vs. Maysville (6-1)

If Maysville wins: A collective boost of confidence will keep the Panthers in contention to host their first ever playoff game and will propel them into their biggest game of the year against Tri-Valley next week.

If Maysville loses: The Panthers are still very much in the playoff race, but will likely have to beat Tri-Valley next week in order to secure their second playoff bid in school history.

Philo (6-1) vs. New Lexington (4-3)

If Philo Wins: The Electrics figure to hold onto the top spot in the region. As long as they keep winning, their playoff hopes are in no danger.

If Philo Loses: There will be a shakeup in Division IV, Region 13. How far Philo falls could depend on the result of Sheridan’s matchup with Tri-Valley. Also, Philo’s week 10 matchup with the Scotties becomes much more important.

Because the playoffs are a mere three weeks away, here’s an infographic detailing the teams in contention for the 2013 MVL title and their all-time playoff history.