Studio B Special Edition: Survivors And Activists Talk About Sexual Violence

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In this special edition of Conversations from Studio B, Brandon Mohammed sits down with four victims of rape and/or sexual assault, and key members of the "F*ckRapeCulture" group at Ohio University, to hear their stories.

Led by co-founders and co-presidents Allie Erwin and Claire Chadwick, this group marched through parts of the Ohio University campus in hopes of spreading awareness of sexual violence. 

The march generated controversy because of the option for women to march topless.

This march came just before an incident occuring involving an alleged rape case in Athens. Recently an Athens County grand jury found no crime had been committed in relation to the incident.

Before the grand jury's findings, many international voices weighed in on the situation, including the New York Daily News, which suggests that the nation is failing its is failing its young women.