Another Person Implicated In Roberts Case Appears In Court

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A man who has been implicated in a murder investigation appeared in Athens County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday for a community control violation hearing related to the case.

Robert Degarmore admitted to the court that he had violated his community control in numerous incidents from Oct. 8 to Oct. 21.

The Athens County Prosecutor’s Office accused Degarmore of “complicity to being in possession of a credit card that did not belong to him,” according to the notice of violation of community control, filed Oct. 23.

Degarmore is believed to have purchased gas using the credit card, which was found to be the property of Paul E. Roberts.

Roberts’ body was found inside a well under the porch of his Locust Street home on Oct. 20.

His son, Paul J. Roberts, was indicted for aggravated murder, murder and other charges related to the death of his father.

He is set for arraignment in Athens Common Pleas Court on Wednesday.

Degarmore’s association with Paul J. Roberts was also listed as a violation of his community control since the younger Roberts is under indictment and awaiting sentencing, according to the notice.

The other four violations of the seven listed by the prosecution were for helping remove Paul E. Roberts’ water heater from the residence, helping transport a stolen pool table, and two violations in which Degarmore admitted to using heroin.

“I always get screwed over like this,” Degarmore was overheard telling his lawyer while in the courtroom on Wednesday.

He had no comment during court proceedings, except when Judge George P. McCarthy addressed him about the violations.

He answered in simple “yes” and “no” responses.

A second stage hearing is scheduled for Nov. 12 in the case, and Degarmore remains incarcerated on the charges.

He has not been indicted in the murder case. His sister, Rhonda Degarmore, was indicted along with Paul J. Roberts in the murder case. Rhonda Degarmore faces charges of felony receiving stolen property and theft, both related to the credit card, along with charges of obstruction of justice.

Rhonda Degarmore was arraigned Tuesday, and was placed on $125,000 bond, with the condition that she have no contact with Paul J. Roberts.