Update: Voters Give Kiser’s BBQ Liquor License

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UPDATE 10:04 p.m.: Voters have chosen to give Kiser’s Barbeque a liquor license on weekdays (139-58) and Sundays (125-72).

Like most men, Sean Kiser just wants a beer with his barbeque. Unlike most men, Kiser will have to wait till election night to see if he can get it.

As the co-owner and operator of Kiser’s Barbeque, Kiser is hoping to get permission to serve liquor at the Eclipse location in the Plains. He claims it is what his customers want.

“It’s not really us that want it. It’s our customers who want it. They’ve been asking. We have great barbecue and they just want a little alcohol to go with it,” Kiser said.

The precinct of the plains where the Eclipse venue is located is dry, therefore, a liquor license must be decided on by voters.

Owners of Kiser’s began collecting signatures to petition to get on the ballot in the summer.

On November 5, Athens voters will decide whether or not the open venue location gets a bar.

But not everyone supports the endeavor. The Eclipse location rests on a small residential road, and one resident sent a complaint to to “The Athens News.”

Sean Kiser responded with is own letter to the paper, promising that he wasn’t trying to open a bar-restaurant, but when his venue is rented out for special events, he’d like to serve alcohol.

“We’re responsible business owners. We’re not looking to have a bar here or bring Court Street to the area. What we want to be able to do is compliment our food with the ability to have a beer with it,” Kiser said.

Kiser’s ability to receive a liquor license will be issues 17 and 18 on the ballot when the polls open.