Children And Senior Services Levy Fails To Pass In Vinton County

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Vinton County voters rejected a levy that would provide services to children and senior citizens.

The Vinton County Elderly and Children Services Levy lost 1,270-1,139 (53 percent to 47 percent). The levy requested $1.5 million in property taxes for 10 years. This additional money would have assisted children and senior citizens throughout the area.

All three Fire Protection Levies gained enough votes to pass. The three levies came from McArthur (80 percent to 20 percent), Vinton (82-18), and Richland (74-26).

The additional levies that passed were the Zaleski Village Current Expenses Levy, Elk Township Cemetery Levy, Elk Township Road Improvement Levy, Hamden Village Current Expenses Lev Richland Township Road Improvement Levy, and the Jackson County Cemetery Levy.