Meigs County Accumulates Nearly $3.7 Million In Delinquent Property Taxes

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Properties recently sold at a Meigs County’s Sheriff’s Office sale generated nearly $60,000 in delinquent property taxes owed to the area school district, Meigs Local. But the funds represent just a fraction of the money that remains outstanding, said the district’s treasurer.

On Nov. 1, three properties belonging to HomeCreek Enterprises were sold at a sheriff’s sale to William Stewart, of Rutland, for $205,000. As a result, the county collected approximately $60,000 in delinquent property taxes, states a news release from County Prosecutor Colleen Williams.

“I am delighted by the results,” Williams said in the release. “Although I never enjoy having to foreclose on someone’s property, I look forward to seeing what the property will be used for in the future. Meigs Local Schools will definitely benefit from our actions.”

The new owner, who already owns Fox’s Pizza Den in Rutland, plans to lease out the buildings. He’s currently in negotiations with a few interested parties, he said.

The majority of the back taxes was owed to Meigs Local Schools. The district will officially receive those funds sometime next year.

Meigs Local Treasurer Mark Rhonemus said he is appreciative of the money but added it was only a tip of the iceberg.

“We have around $2 million in outstanding real estate taxes built up over the years,” Rhonemus said. “We’re not collecting anywhere near what’s billed each year.”

The $60,000 “will only help offset the taxes that are not being consistently collected.” He added the school district has “tried to provide the best possible education for our students with the reduced local financial resources we have received.”

The $1,998,188.53 owed to the school district, funds that have increased over the past four years, represents approximately 12 percent of the district's general fund annual budget, according to Rhonemus.

Countywide, Meigs is due $3,681,911.06 for 1,619 parcels, according to the certified delinquency list prepared by the county auditor.

County Prosecutor Colleen Williams could not be reached for comment prior to The Messenger's deadline.