Vinton County Gets Funding To Improve Sewer System

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Vinton County has received federal funding that will help improve the sewer system in the Village of Zaleski.

The grant will be used to construct a new sanitary sewer system in the village and provide new sewer service for 139 households.

The new system will consist of 14,052 linear feet of sewer line, 62 manholes, and a 30,000 gallon per day (GPD) conventional wastewater treatment plant for the Village of Zaleski.

"Ohio's rural communities and small towns face a heavy burden when financing infrastructure projects," U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown said. "This improvement project will provide residents and businesses with a modern sewer system that improves health quality and encourages investment in the Village of Zaleski."

The construction project will eliminate a public health threat caused by the current inadequate onsite treatment systems. The new system will be a gravity sewer collection system and wastewater treatment plant.