Oreo Candy Thanksgiving Turkeys Deliciously Adorn The Holiday Table

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The presentation of your Thanksgiving table draws in friends and family and is a prelude to the meal we wait for all – year- long!

When you are the host / hostess of a holiday gathering getting everything done on the TO DO LIST takes organization and patience.  At times, it can be daunting to delegate projects to the younger family members because we want everything to look just so. Ourbestbites.com has broken down the steps to creating Oreo Candy Thanksgiving Turkeys that can be placed all together on a platter or as place cards holders to signify to each of your guests where they’ll be sitting at the Thanksgiving table.  These little turkeys are kid friendly, with just a bit of assistance from an adult, and will give them a sense of pride when they see their finished project.

Wishing all of you a peaceful Thanksgiving!

Andrew Lasko contributed to this blog.