Wendy’s Opens New ‘Flagship’ Restaurant

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Wendy’s has opened a new flagship restaurant across the street from its corporate headquarters in Dublin. The building’s design is ultra-modern but it’s also packed with memorabilia.

When Wendy’s decided to open a new flagship restaurant it set out to make it state-of-the-art but with elements honoring its roots. Wendy’s spokesman Denny Lynch says there’s a lot of memorabilia to look at; some items came from the first Wendy’s on East Broad Street.

“When we closed the restaurant we took the memorabilia and put it in storage," Lynch said. "We knew that we were going to use it at some time in the future; we just didn’t know exactly when and when we decided to build this restaurant we decided to add a very special room and bring the memorabilia and put it on display for the public.”

The original Wendy’s lighted sign from East Broad is here. There’s an original dining table with its newsprint top and bentwood chair and more.

“We have the history of advertising with Clara Peller and Where’s The Beef? The Dave Thomas campaign. In 1996 the Olympics came through here with the torch relay and Dave Thomas carried the torch. We have the actual torch that is on display here.”

It’s hard to escape the iconic entrepreneur’s visage either inside or outside the new Wendy’s. On the patio, there’s a larger than life size bronze of Thomas holding a Frosty and a bag of burgers and fries.