Increased Gas Price Affecting Student’s Wallets

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Last week's extreme cold still affects the region. The cold temperatures caused problems at some refineries resulting in a price increase at the pump.

According to the Motor club AAA, Tuesday's average price at Athens' gas stations was $3.38, 15 cents more compared to last month. Athenians pay two cents more than the average price of gas in Ohio.

"It affects me because I go home every couple weekends and it hits my gas tank pretty hard," said Dominic Cassan, a student at Ohio University.

Students especially feel the impact of higher prices.

"It kind of stinks when you are a student and you have to drive everywhere. I live in Cleveland, so it's a whole tank of gas just to get home. And with the raising gas prices I can't go home as often as I used to." Ohio University student Jackie Strah said.

If and when the gas price drop is difficult to predict. Bevi Powell, Senior Vice President at AAA East Central, said that so many factors play into the price like the weather or refinery incidents. But in the longer term she sees the prices going up as people drive more in the spring and summer.