Stewart Man Says 911 Plot Not Being Maintained

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Fifteen years ago Sam Grim was told his plot of land in Stewart would be the perfect spot for a 911 tower.

Now, he says the lease with Athens County isn’t worth the trouble.

“I feel, you know, I’m doing them a big favor. They should take care of it and talk to me and stuff like that,” said Grim.

But that’s not what’s been happening.

According to Grim the 25 square foot patch of land has been completely overgrown for years, and is only mowed when he points out that it’s a violation of his contract.

He says the he’s contacted the County Commissioners about the problem and everyone agreed to contract Grims brother to mow the plot, but that was two months ago, and there’s still no contract.

“They just tell me what they want to keep me quiet I think,” said Grim.

For now, Grim says Commissioner Chris Chmiel offered to pay him 50 dollars cash to mow the plot.

Chmiel says he’s just trying to make Grim happy.

“As far as I was concerned, I was just going to pay fifty dollars cash to keep him happy… I don’t know if that’s legal or not but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be,” said Chmiel.

Chmiel says the county has let go the old maintenance staff for the plot, and aside from the $50 cash from Chmiel, the county hasn’t hired anyone new to maintain the plot.

Chmiel added that one of the reasons that things are on hold is because there are plans to move the tower to a different location that’s on county land.

As for Grim, he still has about a year left in his contract with the county.