Wind Chill Advisory In Effect For Athens County

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A wind chill advisory is in effect for Athens County from January 21 at 7 p.m. until January 22 at noon.

With temperatures dropping and heavy winds, Athens County officials are reminding citizens to take precautions.

Dan Pfeiffer, Director for Athens County 911, offered these tips for staying safe in severe winter weather:

1.  The most important thing is to dress in layers. Putting on your hats, gloves and scarves will help to cover exposed skin in order to avoid frostbite.

2.  Just as you need to stay warm, so do your pets. Be sure to keep pets indoors as much as possible. If your pet cannot be indoors, keep them in the garage where it is a little bit warmer.

3.  Pipes freezing is definitely a concern in this severe winter weather, so Pfeiffer said to be sure to disconnect hoses from your outdoor spicket. If you have had problems with pipes freezing in the past, let water trickle into your sink. Moving water does not freeze as easily as water does when it's static.

4. Anytime we have low temperatures, there is a chance for power outages. If you need to use candles as a source of alternative lighting, be careful. Pfeiffer suggests getting something that is battery operated instead in order to avoid a fire.

5. Lastly, if you do not need to go outside, stay at home. Be sure to check on your neighbors in order to make sure those around you are safe as well.

For more winter weather safety precautions please visit the Athens County Emergency Management Agency website.