Frigid Temperatures Mean More Students Using Campus Shuttle Service

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Ohio University students are utilizing the campus shuttle service in an effort to avoid the frigid temperatures this winter.

"The numbers for ridership have increased", said Bridget Allmann from Ohio University Transportation and Parking Services.

The university increased the number of shuttles Monday because of the extreme cold and for the first time, extended hours of operations until 10 p.m.

In addition to more CATS shuttles vans were brought in to bring home students who life in the apartments on Mill Street.

"They have so many students that are riding the shuttles there. So we have extra vans for them", explained Allmann.

For CATS shuttle driver Haley English it was especially important to pick up passengers quickly that day. "I feel bad because sometimes they have to wait longer if there is traffic or if the crosswalks are really busy. So I try to hurry and pick them up because it is really cold."

On Tuesday there will be an on-call service to Baker Center, the Alden Library and Ping Center. "Students, faculty and staff can just call the OU transportation line", Allmann said.