ODOT Crews Focusing On Freeze Prone Areas Ahead Of Sub-Zero Wind Chills

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Ohio Department of Transportation crews will focus on treating bridges, hills and areas prone to high wind ahead of sub-zero wind chills in the forecast for Monday night.

ODOT District 10 spokesman David Rose said a limited number of crews will be out to focus on those areas. Rose said since the forecast calls for little precipitation and the pavement is already saturated with deicing material, roads will be passable and safe.  However, motorists are cautioned to slow down and drive based on the road conditions.

Rose said ODOT will continue to monitor weather conditions and receives regular updates from the National Weather Service.

Crews will switch to a calcium chloride solution if a salt solution becomes less effective, typically when the pavement temperature is below 15 degrees. However, Rose stressed the difference between air temperature and pavement temperature meaning the pavement is not necessarily the same temperature of the air.

Rose said district is already close to last year’s figures for salt use, hours worked and miles traveled. Last winter, crews used 40,285 tons of salt, worked 35,468 hours and traveled 454,590 miles treating and plowing roads.  So far this winter, crews have used nearly 37,000 tons of salt, worked more than 30,000 hours and traveled more than 340,000 miles.

District 10 invests approximately $4 million annually on snow and ice operations.