Koons Comes Up Big Again For Trimble

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Bouncing back from their loss to Southern last night, the Trimble Tomcats stormed the court to defeat the Wahama White Falcons with a final score of 75-51. Trimble showed they improved since they only defeated Wahama by 8 points earlier this season.

“We played with some effort [and] made some shots. When we make shots, everything else is easy,” Trimble head coach Curt Moore said.

During the first quarter, the Tomcats found teammate Jacob Koons on the outside corner, where he sank three 3-pointers. The majority of Trimble’s assists came from finding Koons right outside the arc. The Tomcats maintained an 11-point lead at the end of the first quarter.

Before warm-ups began, Wahama players were preparing themselves to compete against Trimble’s Konner Standley.  

Trimble’s 5’9” senior tallied 5 assists. Many of Standley’s assists began with bounce passing the ball to teammate Micah Couch in the center of the paint, where Couch executed lay-up after lay-up.

Couch, Trimble’s leading scorer of the night, accumulated many of his 20 points from this dynamic duo set play. Two of Couch’s points came from 2 free throws due to a technical foul on Wahama’s bench.

As the second half rolled in, Trimble continued to sink the shots and rack up the rebounds. Couch coined 10 rebounds while teammates Justice Jenkins and Koons had six each.

With about 1:41 left in the game, key contributor Jenkins, who scored 12 points in tonight’s game, went down on the offensive side under the hoop. He walked off his injury to the bench to rest the remainder of the match. Jenkins stoved his knee, according to Coach Moore.

Wahama expressed frustration throughout the game as Trimble maintained a consistent lead until the end of match

Due to the recent inclement weather, the Tomcats have encountered obstacles such as postponed games.

“We’re just taking care of what we do and we really can’t worry about what the other teams are doing right now,” said Moore regarding how his team is preparing for their upcoming games. “We do what we do and adjust to what [the opponents] do.”

Trimble will play Miller (2-6 in the TVC-Hocking) on Sat., Feb. 1, at Miller. Tip-off begins at 7:30 p.m.