Commissioners Borrow Money For New X-Ray Unit

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A loan of $21,000 from Hocking Valley Bank is being obtained by the Athens County Commissioners to purchase a new x-ray unit for Courthouse security.

Common Pleas Court Judge George McCarthy recently approached the commissioners about the need to replace the current x-ray machine, which has been having some maintenance issues. The commissioners, wanting to spread the cost over more than one budget year, asked McCarthy to see if the company, Rapiscan, would provide the machine on a lease-purchase basis.

Commissioner Lenny Eliason said it was discovered that it would be cheaper just to borrow the money locally. The county will be getting a 1.25 percent interest rate from Hocking Valley Bank, and the commissioners signed the loan papers Tuesday.

Chief Constable Bill Butterworth told the commissioners he does not know when the new machine will be installed. Butterworth said the existing x-ray machine, which is at the Courthouse entrance, is fully operational.