“Lil’ Buds” Art Exhibit Opens At Bowen House

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The latest art exhibit at the Bowen House is the Lil’ Buds art show, which features the work of students in kindergarten through fourth grade. The exhibit will continue through Friday, Feb. 28.

Logan-Hocking School District teachers Julie Woodburn and Jackie Duffy work with the children throughout the year to teach a variety of artistic styles and skills.

This year’s display is bright and colorful, said Bowen House Executive Director Glennda Tingle in a statement.

“The enthusiastic young artists were obviously inspired by a variety of images, which they eagerly captured in their work.”

Julie Woodburn, who teaches art at Green, Union Furnace, and Hocking Hills Elementary, had her students work with a variety of mediums. Students created clay sculptures featuring elephants, fish and a hand, complete with a smiley face.

The students worked with chalks and produced pictures. One is a picture of trees in winter with snowflakes, and students in kindergarten drew trains.

At Central and Chieftain Elementary Schools, teacher Jackie Duffy’s students created their version of faces as they might be done by Picasso. There are colorful renderings of animals, including owls, giraffes, elephants and pandas. The fourth-graders painted flowers, including a large poinsettia.

Duffy also had her students complete drawings resembling the deer hide drawings of Native Americans.

The Lil’ Buds exhibit will be on display 2–5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday through Feb. 28.