Hiram College Chosen To Participate In Peace Corps Prep Program

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Hiram College is chosen among six other universities to participate in the Peace Corps Prep program beginning in fall 2014. Currently there are eight other schools offering it, including Ohio's Wittenberg University and Shawnee State.

According to the agency, the program is a combination of courses and community service that, taken together, prepare students to work in international development.

Students who finish the program receive a certificate along with the chosen degree. The certificate doesn't guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, but it does give them a better chance.

Though acceptance into the program offers minimal financial reward, the experience is worth it, said Lisa Safford, Hiram's program director.

Peace Corps volunteers are offered a living stipend and a bonus upon completing a two-year run.

Since its creation more than 50 years ago, more than 200,000 volunteers have worked in developing international countries through Peace Corps.