Athens County Prosecutor Calls Cocaine Arrest Part Of A ‘Ring’

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After arresting 21-year-old Ohio University student Cory Bohache on drug trafficking charges, Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn called Bohache part of a "ring."

"He's pretty close to the top of the Athens food chain when it comes to this ring," Blackburn said. "There are still some others out there. Hopefully they learn and they stop."

Bohache is charged with trafficking cocaine and marijuana and also possession of cocaine. He is alleged to have sold 29 grams of cocaine. Police then found another 27 grams after obtaining a search warrant. Blackburn notes the amount of cocaine that was sold equates to about $2,800 to $3,000.

"This is a drug ring that he's a part of that involves student-athletes and some bartenders uptown," Blackburn said. "They were selling MDMA, now it's moved to cocaine, which goes to show it's not a personal use case, it's more about making money and preying on students to make money."

Blackburn was referring at least in part to former Ohio University football players Greg Wyndham and Larenzo Fisher, who were arrested in August 2013. Fisher will be sentenced for his charges in March. Bohache was employed as a bartender at Courtside Pizza on Court Street in Athens.

"It's dangerous," Blackburn said. "He's a college student who was about to graduate…now he's very likely headed to prison if convicted."