Monday Mid-Day Weather

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The snow is gone and a spring-like day is upon us, with temperatures rising into the sixties by this afternoon.

The weather today is much warmer than over the weekend, with current temperatures around 43 degrees; however, it feels closer to 35 degrees outside right now due to 84 percent cloud coverage and 11 mph winds out of the south.

Looking ahead at the afternoon, the wind will pick up slightly to 14 mph but the cloud coverage will decrease, letting in more sunshine and bringing our temperature up to a high of 63 degrees.

These warm temperatures are due to a high pressure system off to our south.

Unfortunately this system is continuously moving east, taking the warm weather with it by the middle of the week.

Tomorrow there will be a low pressure system associated with a cold front sweeping through our region, creating 5-10 mph winds and moderate cloud coverage.

Wednesday will likely bring rain and colder temperatures for the remaining half of the week. Make sure to keep checking woub.org throughout the day for the latest updates on the weather.