OUPD Responds To Reported Explosions Behind Brown Hall

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Ohio University Police are now saying the "loud pops" they responded to last night were actually three small explosions.

According to a statement released by OUPD, the explosions came from "works bombs."

Works bombs are homemade devices made by mixing drain cleaner with other commonly found household products in a sealed plastic bottle.

The mixture releases a gas which builds in the sealed bottle until it explodes.

Although there were no injuries from last nights bombs, OUPD says they could have caused serious injury due to the corrosive nature of drain cleaner.

The incident is still under investigation.

OUPD encourages anyone with information to call them at 740-593-1911


Ohio University Police reopened a portion of South Green behind Brown Hall shortly before midnight Thursday after responding to several "loud pops" in the area.

Sophomore Mike Ranallo lives in MacKinnon Hall and heard it happen.

"I was just sitting in my room… trying to schedule some classes…then all of a sudden I hear a bang," Ranallo said.

"Then we hear another bang and that's when I stuck my head out the window, trying to figure out what the heck is going on."

According to Ranallo, OUPD showed up about 5 minutes later and defused a third object by shooting at it from a distance with "a BB gun."

The third object detonated creating a smaller but still audible bang.

OUPD was at the scene for more than an hour before collecting what appeared to be plastic bottles in evidence bags.

Despite the incident, Ranallo says he isn't scared, just curious.

"After hearing those loud explosions, it makes me kind of curious…what are people up to nowadays. Why would you set off a bomb? Boredom?" Ranallo said.

"That's juvenile stuff. That doesn't belong at Ohio University, that's for sure."

Ohio University Police are investigating Reports of explosions behind Brown Hall Thursday evening.

An officer at the scene told WOUB's Allen Henry that officers were investigating several "loud pops" originating from the area.

Investigators placed markers next to several items including three plastic bottles.

Brown Hall is located on the South Green of the Ohio University Campus in Athens.

Police say no injuries have been reported and no suspects are in custody.

No other information was immediately available.

Stay tuned to for the latest as it becomes available.