New West Virginia Cycling Law Implemented

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The sport of cycling is growing throughout West Virginia and in Parkersburg, making for busier roads and more awareness for safety.

There are streets in Parkersburg that have bike lanes, but a lot don't. New laws help keep the roads safe for both cyclists and motorists.

The laws state drivers need to slow down and be three feet away from a biker when they pass. Also, bikers are only allowed to ride two-deep.

Bikers still have to follow the same traffic laws as cars.

"The law still requires us to witness the infraction, for us to enforce it," said Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin. "So if a cyclist does encounter a driver that does not give them this three foot barrier, I don't anticipate them to be calling us."

Martin said this will be hard to enforce, but it's really about educating the public right now, so it becomes safer for both the drivers and cyclists.

Martin said they constantly deal with accidents involving pedestrians, bikes and cars, including one as recent as Monday.

This article conttributed by WTAP Television in Parkersburg