Hospital Participates In Wound Care Awareness Week

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The Holzer Health Center in Jackson, Ohio, is participating in National Wound Care Awareness week.

This year marks the second year that the hospital has participated in the nationwide event.

They hope to get individuals treatment for chronic non-healing wounds. A non-healing wound is a wound that hasn’t healed after 30 days. During the week, doctors across the nation are working to spread knowledge of how doctors can treat non-healing wounds.

Chronic wounds can affect anyone, but are often seen in diabetic patients and surgical patients.

“We have a lot of diabetics here in the area” said Chella Price, the director for the Wound Care Center at Holzer Health System. “Actually 25 percent of diabetics will develop a diabetic foot ulcer.” 

Untreated wounds can sometimes even lead to amputations.

Price encourages those suffering from a chronic non-healing wound to make sure to see a doctor, and take preventative care.

“They need to see their physician on a regular basis, diabetics check your feet, at Holzer we do have a very high success healing rate,” Price said.

Those who have a wound that has not healed in the past 30 days may contact the Holzer Wound Center directly at (740) 395-8484, or visit their website