Judge Orders 3 Early Voting Days Restored

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Earlier this year, Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted had directed the 88 county boards of elections to hold uniform voting hours – and they did not include the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before November’s gubernatorial election. Democrats challenged that, saying it disproportionately affects their voters, who dominate early-in person voting on those days.

In a speech in Akron last week, Husted said his only concern has been uniformity.

“I believe that all votes should vote by the same set of rules. you’re Mary Smith in Summit County or Mary Smith in Portage County, there’s no reason that you should have different rules in terms of days and hours that your vote. We should have the same set of rules. That’s what equality means.”

And in a statement Wednesday, he says Judge Peter Economus’ decision provides needed uniformity.

Democrats lauded the decision. Party Chairman Chris Redfern said in a statement that “All along, we believed the actions of the Republican-controlled Legislature, Secretary of State Husted and Gov. Kasich were unconstitutional; and yet again, a federal judge has agreed.”