Snapshot: A Love Story Interrupted By Invasion

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Thursday, July 3 • 10 p.m.

A true story of daughter’s journey through a landscape of years, memories and realities.  Her journey initiated by the question “what do I know about war?”  The answers are lying in an album of faded photos of her absent father, who left for the Vietnam War before she was born.  She creates a world in which her father has a leading role.  Snapshots from the album are projected larger than life on a black wall, bring the beautiful and ghostly characters to life.  R&B tracks take us back to a high dance floor in the 1960s Appalachia where a White girl and Black boy kiss for the first time.  The sound of a gun shot brings us back to the rice fields of Vietnam and soldier’s decision to kill or die carrying her past and the pain of her father’s absence, a moment of dance positions her in the quest to find him.

Her growing insights reveal how the forces of history, race and war affected herself and her family, and the torn fragments of her life begin to reconnect.  SNAPSHOT honors her father and other Vietnam Veterans who have been lost under the avalanche of history.   This play is a daring look at he truth of our past and an inspiring example of the need for us to reconcile our history—one life at a time.