Kasich Claims Medicaid Expansion Is Paying Off

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Ohio Governor John Kasich said his push to expand Medicaid is paying off. He defended his decision in an address to judges, law enforcement officials and drug treatment program leaders Monday (6/30/14) afternoon in Columbus.

"To me it’s a lay down hand. If you can bring millions of dollars back to treat the mentally ill, the drug addicted and the working poor, what’s the question, you know?" Kasich said. "And so we were able to get that through which has brought us absolutely critical resources to the state."

When Kasich couldn’t get approval from the Ohio legislature to expand Medicaid last year, he pushed to put it through a legislative board.

Kasich said since that time, the state has had more resources to help drug-addicted Ohioans.

Kasich said it doesn’t make sense to lock drug addicted Ohioans away for a year when they could be better rehabilitated with drug treatment programs.