FitzGerald: Cleveland Is Better Than Its Reputation

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Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Ed FitzGerald said the reality of Cleveland is better than its reputation.

He thinks that’s what Republican National Committee members saw when they chose Cleveland as the host for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

"When I met with them, they had the same reaction to Cleveland that a lot of people do that have never been there before. I think Cleveland is the most unfairly maligned big city in America," FitzGerald said. "And a lot of us who live in that area say the people who are the most negative about the greater Cleveland area are people who haven’t been there before.

"So in a way, I think we are beneficiaries of lowered expectations because downtown Cleveland, in particular, has had a renaissance."

FitzGerald said he wasn’t born decades ago when the Cuyahoga River caught on fire yet he still hears about it.

He said Cleveland is a much better city now due to the optimistic energies of its leaders.