Carbon Hill Designated ATV-Friendly

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The small town of Carbon Hill will soon follow suit with Haydenville as it prepares to become an ATV-friendly town.

Approximately 25 local residents and Hocking County Commissioner Sandy Ogle attended a recent Ward Twp. Trustee meeting to hear discussion of a plan devised by Chuck and Billie Walter to help boost the economy of the small town in Hocking County, just north of Nelsonville.

“We want to bring more economy to the area,” Billie Walter said. “We have nothing here more than our store and cabin rentals.”

After discussion, trustees Dale “Sam” Mays, Paul “Allan” Cook and Scott Keiffer approved the plan and requested the Walters move forward with the approval of the commissioners.

The trustees and residents are hoping this will help encourage other businesses to locate in the area including two possible campgrounds.

Although Ogle said she was skeptical approving Haydenville as an ATV-friendly town at first, she stated there have been no complaints.

“I think the commissioners will approve it for a year, and see what happens,” Ogle told the trustees and residents.

“I’m looking at it as a way to help the community,” Mays said.

Chuck Walter informed the trustees he has already talked with Hocking County Engineer Bill Shaw and Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North, and both feel it won’t be an issue.

“We haven’t had any problems in Haydenville so far,” North said. “It’s been over a year now since they’ve allowed ATVs in town, and we haven’t had any complaints or problems. So I don’t foresee any problems in Carbon Hill.”

Billie Walter and Carbon Hill resident Bernie Roell attended Thursday’s commissioner meeting and requested the commissioners approve a list of roads designated as ATV-friendly in order for Carbon Hill to become ATV-friendly to those wishing to ride in the surrounding forest trails.

County roads needing approval are Carbon Hill-Buchtel Road starting at Monday Trailhead to Route 278 in Carbon Hill; Hawk Street; Sand Run Road starting at Route 278 to Dawley-New Pittsburg Road; and Dawley Road to Dawley-New Pittsburg Road.

Township roads include Dawley-New Pittsburg Road and Dawley Road from Dawley-New Pittsburg Road to Williams Campground.

The commissioners approved the plan on a one-year trial basis as they did with Haydenville, which is now working on its second year as an ATV-friendly town.

ATV riders will be legal to travel from the Trailheads of Wayne National Forest into the town of Carbon Hill as long as they conform to the rules and regulations of the State of Ohio and ride on the berm of the roadway.

  • All riders (passengers and operator) must wear a helmet and eye protection while on state forest riding areas.
  • All ATVs must be titled and registered and provide proof of insurance.
  • To operate an ATV on public lands, one must have a driver’s license or motorcycle endorsement.
  • No one under 16 may operate an ATV unless accompanied by an adult 18 or older.
  • ATV must be equipped with lights.
  • ATV riders are allowed to ride on the designated areas while riding within the town.

Riders should be aware that Hocking County Sheriff's Office deputies and the Ohio State Highway Patrol police the area periodically and will enforce the law.

According to Billie Walter, signs will be posted so riders will know which areas of Carbon Hill are designated as ATV-friendly.

“Our biggest concern here at the sheriff’s office, of course, is safety,” North said.