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Annual Community Music Fest Set for this Weekend

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For local music fans, it doesn’t get much better than this weekend’s Athens Community Music Festival. Now in its 16th year, Saturday’s event will feature more than 30 acts spread out across six uptown venues, including Donkey Coffee, The Union, Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery (both sides), Casa Cantina and The Smiling Skull Saloon. Proceeds will benefit several area non-profit organizations.

The man behind it all is local musician and Union Booking Manager Scott Winland, who, along with area resident Jim Fuller, staged the very first ACMF on the roof of the Athens Parking Garage in 1999. Since then, the fest has expanded to its current six-venue setup.

“The inspiration came from Jim for sure. He approached me to help make it happen, and we did,” explained Winland. “We decided after the first year that we would continue, though possibly change format. The parking garage was great, and I would love to do another show up there, but it would mean having fewer bands play, super-early time slots and higher production costs.”

Winland added that he enjoys working with the uptown venues every year, plus it also gives area residents a chance to check out the bands before OU students return from summer break.

“Athens in the summer is quiet and cozy,” he said. “Cozy enough to take a walk down Court Street, even Mill Street, at night, sharing the sidewalk with just a few people, if any. It almost feels as though you know everyone left in town. I like it.”

The Athens music scene–which ranges from introspective folkies to stage-diving punks–is a tight-knit community. So tight, in fact, that many of the bands share members, which can make scheduling a 30-act festival a little tricky. A musical jigsaw puzzle, if you will.

“Yes, it’s a challenge,” confirmed Winland. “Add to that personal requests from 50% of the acts as to where and when they want to play, fitting all of that into the specific hours each venue can host, attempting to not have acts with essentially the same draw playing at the same time, and keeping the lineups at each venue at least somewhat eclectic…it may sound rough, but I truly enjoy putting it together. It’s a fun challenge and a reminder of how much diverse music is being made in Athens each year.”

One thing that has remained constant throughout the years is the willingness of Athens musicians to donate their time and talent to a good cause. This year’s beneficiaries include The Gathering Place, ARTS/West, Athens Rock Camp for Girls and the Bryan Winland Memorial Art & Music Scholarship. An $8 all-access wristband may be purchased at any of the venues (admission per venue without wristband is $5).

“Eight dollars is well-spent on the night you have ahead of you,” said Winland. “Stop in at every venue for at least a song or two. Not only is this a great fundraiser and celebration of local music, but also the city and venues we call home.”

For updates, visit the Athens Community Music Festival Facebook event page.



7 p.m.  Alayna Locke

7:45 p.m.  Valerie Mash

8:30 p.m.  Ragamuffin

9:15 p.m.  Intermittent Animals

7 p.m.  JJ Reed

8 p.m.  JD Hutchison

9 p.m. Supernobody

10 p.m.  Speaking Suns

11 p.m.  Blam Blams

12 a.m.  Sportfishing USA

1 a.m.  Blond
JACKIE O’s (Public House)

8 p.m.  Corbin Marsh

9 p.m.  Paranormals

10 p.m.  Night Sweats

11 p.m.  Whole Hearted Half-Wits

12 a.m.  Zapple Pie

1 a.m.  Bright at Night
JACKIE O’s (Brewery side)

8 p.m.  The Curd Jergihns Vocal Group

9 p.m.  Steve Zarate

10 p.m.  Fever Dream

11 p.m.  Watch Them Rot

12 a.m.  Unmonnumental

1 a.m.  County Pharaohs

9 p.m.  Laura Nadeau

10 p.m.  The Summoners

11 p.m.  The Coal Cave Hollow Boys

12 a.m.  Fathers of The Revolution

1 a.m.  Dox City

9 p.m.  Dead Hand of Man

10 p.m.  Pegasister

11 p.m.  Red Feathers

12 a.m.  Weird Science

1 a.m.  Slut Castle

* schedule subject to change