AEP Ohio Warning Customers About Phone Scam

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AEP Ohio is warning its customers about a phone scam it says is being conducted in different parts of its service area.

The company says they are getting reports of customers getting phone calls threatening to shut off their power if they don’t make an immediate payment over the phone.

AEP Ohio says it has strict policies when it comes to customer interaction. In an email to customers about the scam the utility ask customers to remember the following:

-We do not call customers to demand immediate payment.

-We notify customers with delinquent accounts via their customer bill.

-We contact non-responders via a recorded phone message to ask that the person responsible for the electric service call AEP Ohio.

AEP Ohio says if you doubt whom you are speaking to or the truth of what they are telling you, please hang up and call AEP Ohio at 1-800-672-2231.

The company also wants to remind customers that AEP Ohio employees work in marked vehicles, wear clothes with a company logo and will gladly show you company identification when asked.