Company Plans Remediation of Wood Plant Site

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State regulators and a company are negotiating a remediation agreement for the site of a proposed ethane cracker plant in Wood County.
The Department of Environmental Protection says its Office of Environmental Remediation has accepted Appalachian Shale Cracker Enterprise LLC's application to address any environmental issues at the site.
The company, also known as ASCENT, is studying the feasibility of building the plant on a 363-acre site in Washington. The DEP says ASCENT owns 194 acres and is expected to acquire the remaining land in November 2015.
Cracker plants crack or convert ethane into ethylene, a widely used chemical compound. Ethane is a byproduct of natural gas drilling.
ASCENT's parent, Odebrecht, announced plans last fall to develop a cracker facility, three polyethylene plants and associated infrastructure in Wood County.