State Highway Patrol Ready For “Big Three” Weekend

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Labor Day Weekend means more parties, more drivers and more State Highway Patrol Troopers. The Athens County Patrol Post is stationing ten additional troopers and fourteen lieutenants along  Athens highways.  The troopers will be on the lookout for anything from speeding to reckless driving to not using a turn signals to change lanes.

"Here in Athens County this past year we've had, I believe it's nine, fatal crashes with ten people killed," said Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Aaron Hayes. "Fifty-percent of those have been due to failure to yield violations."

Hayes also emphasizes the importance of watching the speed limit and staying aware while on the road.

Four-day holiday weekends typically lead to more traffic and accidents. Last year, Ohio’s highways endured 16 fatalities over the four-day Labor Day Weekend. Half of those deaths involved a driver who was under the influence. Although the Athens County Patrol Post will not be conducting OVI check points, they are encouraging drivers who drink to stay off the road.

"On these weekends there is more of an opportunity for people who are at parties to get behind the wheel and drive," Hayes said. "We would encourage those people to seek alternative transportation, take a designated driver… or plan on spending the evening there."

Ohio's roadways had a record-breaking year for safety in 2013. The State Highway Patrol’s Website hopes to continue keeping the roadway safe. Their website states that “2014 is on track to see even fewer fatalities from traffic-related crashes.”

Drivers who notice suspicious activity or reckless driving should call The Ohio State Highway Patrol at *677.