Commissioners Approve Payment On Ammunition Bill

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Payment of $5,646 toward an ammunition bill was approved Wednesday by the Athens County Commissioners, as the county continues to try to resolve the $22,592 a Columbus company has previously said is owed by the county and overdue.

Earlier this summer the Athens County Sheriff’s Office was billed for $22,592 by Vance Outdoors Inc. for ammunition, some of which was ordered for county use and some for individuals buying it through the sheriff’s office.

The $5,646 is for ammunition currently in the ammo inventory at the sheriff’s office, according to Commission President Lenny Eliason. The money will come from funds appropriated last week within the budget of the Athens County Sheriff’s Academy, a training program operated in the past by the sheriff’s office.

After the payment is made, $13,713 of the original $22,592 will remain. As The Messenger previously reported, part of the bill was dealt with by Nelsonville Police Department directly paying Vance for $1,922 in ammunition it had ordered through the sheriff’s office. Also, Vance is giving a credit of $1,241 for ammunition not picked up, a holster already paid for and for shipping costs.

Of the remaining $13,713, most of it — about $12,350 — is for ammunition ordered by individuals, according to Eliason.

Most of the individuals are current or former members of the sheriff’s office or Nelsonville Police Department, according to a list provided to The Messenger by the sheriff’s office.

Of the amount ordered by individuals, Eliason say payment has been received by the county in the amount of $10,186. Eliason said the county will not directly pay Vance that amount because the ammunition was not ordered from the company for county use. According to Eliason, the money will be refunded to the individuals once Vance credits the county bill, although that will likely require the individuals to first pay Vance.

Eliason said the remaining $2,165 ordered by individuals, but not paid for, will likely be paid to Vance by the county, with the sheriff’s office retaining the ammunition.

If all that falls into place, there is still $1,363 that Vance claimed is owed and that Eliason said the county will likely end up paying.