Athens Public Transit Sees Rise In Ridership

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The Athens Public Tranist has seen an rise in ridership numbers since the launching of their new routes last year.

According to Athens Public Transit's August City Ridership report, ridership has increased by 30 percent since August 2013.

Athens Public Transit General Manager, Mary Daily, said this is when the bus system re-routed to reach more people in the Athens community.

Daily said the new routes are just one of the reasons for the increase. She said more advertising, such as the new bus wraps and information on the Ohio University campus, has created more awareness of the bus system's services.

"We are trying to make ourselves more visible," said Daily.

Daily said, the Athens Public Transit has had over 168,000 riders use the bus system between January and August 2014 alone.

After the seeing the success of their new routes in place, The Athens Public Transit is working on a new route that is planned to begin in the Spring of 2015.